| @ DataVard Academy

by Kasper Groen

Last week gaan>> participated with a delegation at the DataVard Academy to study a few of the solutions DataVard offers. Apart from learning a lot, we really enjoyed ourselves in Bratislava, Slovakia.


We've learned about the following topics:

See below for a few of the highlights on the SAP BW Fitness Test. In future blogs the other products will be described. You can click on the product name for more information. 

SAP BW Fitness Test

The SAP BW Fitness Test is a Gartner-awarded and provides you with a starting point on how to make your system more effective and cut operations budgets.

Based on over 70 key indicators the BW Fitness Test analyzes your SAP® system, identifies its strengths and weaknesses and offers actionable recommendations. This helps you to maximize the return on current investments before investing in new technologies such as hardware upgrades, BW Accelerator (BIA/BWA) or SAP® HANA. 

As a result you will get:

  • Comprehensive As-IS analysis on 70 KPI's
  • Highly interactive report
  • Benchmark with 150+ other systems
  • Increase of systems' performance and stability
  • Control of system growth and security
  • Hands-on recommendations

The SAP BW Fitness Test supports you in evaluating your system performance, but also if you want to undergo major changes or optimizations in your system. This can be:

  • Evaluation or proof of concept for SAP® HANA
  • Nearline Storage (SAP NLS) or Archiving
  • Upgrade to 7.30/7.31/7.40
  • Data model changes, resp. LSA / LSA++ implementation
  • Housekeeping

If you would like to understand more on the SAP BW Fitness Test or one of the other solutions, feel free to gaan>> for more information regarding these topics.

Contact Henk Klaasen by e-mail or phone +31 6 5359 7698
Contact Kasper Groen by e-mail or phone +31 6 1336 7290

| SAP BO Design Studio 1.2 released

by Kasper Groen

On November 21st SAP BO Design Studio 1.2 was released. Apart from the new functionalities and enhanced properties of existing components, the most important improvement for our customers is the connectivity to SAP BO Universes (SAP BO 4.1 required!). This is mainly interesting for
- non-SAP BW BI solutions that run BusinessObjects
- for reporting straight on the ECC system or any other database
- leverage existing universes that combine BW and data from other databases.  

We already have defined various use cases of a few of our customers, that are eager to see the results.

See all new features in this document. See below a few of the improvements. 

Amongst some improvements in the cross tabs:

Conditional formatting visible
This property specifies whether conditional formats (exceptions) that have been defined in the BEX Query
Designer or in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office (Analysis), are shown in the crosstab.

Navigating hierarchies enabled
This property specifies whether the application user can expand or collapse hierarchy nodes, if the crosstab
contains one or more hierarchies or hierarchical structures. If this property is set to false, the hierarchy
expand/collapse icons (plus and minus symbols) are not shown in the crosstab. However, the end user can
still see that there is a hierarchy because of the indentation of the nodes and leaves.

Sorting enabled
This property specifies whether the end user can sort columns. If the property is set to false, the icons for
sorting are not shown in the column headers.

Column resizing enabled
This property specifies whether the end user can resize columns by double-clicking on the right border of the
column header. If this property is set to false, the hover spot for the double-click resize will not be available.

Column widths
With this property it is possible to set the column widths of the crosstab. A valid column width setting consists
of two parts: the column index and the column width.

Some other improvements

- There is a new property Multiple Selection in the List Box component that enables you to filter data sources by
multiple members.

- New chart type: Dual Axis Chart

- Various chart improvements (enhanced properties):
You can now display the values in the chart area, change the legend position of the chart, change the chart background color or reset it to the default theme color and use the data selection dialog box to add more data selections to charts.
Axis scaling: You can now define the minimum and maximum range for each axis in all charts except 100%
Stacked Chart, Radar Chart, and Pie Chart. In a dual axis chart, you can define the minimum and maximum range for each of the dual axes.
Scatter Chart: You can now work with two measures irrespective of the location. You can also set the legend color, shape, and tooltip properties using dimensions.
Bubble Chart: You can now work with 3-4 measures and set the bubble size and width.


| SAP BO BI 4.1 GA

by Gert Jan Oostrum

As of August 30th, 2013, SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 is general available!

SAP is moving towards one suite for all enterprise BI information. The new version includes features for all five areas of SAP BI Innovation. Key ingredients are powerful visualizations that empower end users with industry focused visualizations.

What’s New in BI 4.1?

I have made a list of a few items I observed and found interesting. Please review the full document to take note of all the new features and improvements.
1. BO Explorer 4.1 supports the UNV (UDT) universe.
2. Exploration views now available from BI workspaces.
3. Query Striping is available for relational sources not just OLAP.
4. Enhanced support for SAP data sources (Improved BW access, Direct access to HANA views)
5. Webi Enhancements (Merge/unmerge hierarchical dimension, custom color palettes, freeze headers)
6. Crystal Reports 2011 is now Crystal Reports 2013.
7. SAP Visual Intelligence is now SAP Lumaria.
8. Mobile versions of Dashboards 4.1 can be based on a QaaWS or BIWS connection.
9. The new System Configuration Wizard (SCW). This new tool allows you to easily size and split your adaptive processing servers. It also stops services that you won’t use.
10. Simplified parallel install for clustered environments.
11. The new features found in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP5 and SP6 are found in 4.1

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