| Data Verification Engine

Data Verification Engine

 By Gert van de Vreede


How to prove your data is correctly transported to your datawarehouse and stored correctly?

This is where the GAAN>> Data Verification Engine (DVE) helps you (im)prove your data and maybe even more important, the reliability of your information coming from your datawarehouse.

The DVE comes with a native SAP BO dashboard showing your dataloads and wether the data is correct.

The DVE helps you monitor your data load process and checks the data, not on hash numbers or totals, but on a detailed record level. When it appears the data is incorrect it even shows you the incorrect records using standard reporting that will make your problem solving much more effective.


Future developments, integration with SAP BO Design Studio, based in BW 7.3X with SAP HANA.


| SAP BW Long Texts

by Kasper Groen

Every SAP BW consultant can acknowlegde that SAP BW has one big limitation: the maximum length of a characteristic value is limited to 60 characters. Finally, SAP fixed it!

As of Release 7.4 SP02, up to 250 characters are possible. Texts can now contain upto 1333 characters. Awesome!

To achieve this, the domain RSCHAVL was changed from CHAR 60 to SSTRING 1333. As a result, data elements that use the domain RSCHAVL are "deep" types in an ABAP context. In this case, some of the ABAP language constructs are no longer possible (syntax errors) or they cause runtime errors in customer-specific programs. SAP Note 1823174 describes solution options for certain problem classes.

In addition, texts for characteristic values of up to 1,333 characters are possible as of Release 7.4 SP02. For this, the structure RSTXTSMXL was created which is a "deep" type in an ABAP context. In the internal method interfaces and function module interfaces that handle the text of characteristic values, the type RSTXTSML was replaced with RSTXTSMXL.

See more information in SAP NOTE 1823174.

| SAP BO Design Studio, Create a standard template

SAP BO Design Studio standard template

 By Gert van de Vreede


When starting Design Studio you have an option to choose a template to start with.
However, what SAP provides are examples to start with and not templates you could use directly.
Next to this, you do not want to have to create a new application from scratch every time.

This can be done using the following steps.

Start Design Studio in offline mode. Then  create your own template to start all other developments, with layout, branding etc. For example the ZMY_TEMPLATE I created


When this is ready, go to the menu and open the repository folder, here the files are saved you created.


Copy the template you have created and paste this in the template folder, the location of the folder can be found in the preferences.


Then, make a screenshot of your executed Design Studio app and export this to a small PNG file, I created this in approximately 50 Px and name this the Same as your template. ZMY_TEMPLATE.png


Copy an existing .info file and also save this with the name of the template

Edit this file and put the correct text in.


description = Standard Template Gaan Consulting


IF you now start a new application and choose a template






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