| SAP BO Design Studio

SAP BO Design Studio

 By Gert van de Vreede


With the new version of SAP BO Design Studio 1.1 the connection with SAP BW has been added. You are now able to create a Design Studio application directly on the BW system and publish these with the SAP Portal.
Design Studio delivers standard templates you can use to start with, a web version, an Ipad version and a separate template for the Iphone.

Here is an example of an Ipad Design Studio application.

SAP BO Design studio ipad application Gaan

 The functionality delivered in this version enables you to use BW queries as a DataSource, and drop these onto a report grid or graph.  A nice component is the Dimension filter, where when executed you can now filter on part of the text without wildcards. something we were missing with the Bex tooling.

The first attempt to create a good looking and interactive dashboard is not easy, but do not let this stop you. The end-result can still be great.
But there are major differences and missing options we took for granted with previous tools. For example, we miss the option to fill a list box automatically with master data. In addition, everything must be connected using script,  not a big issue as there  is a good working script wizard, but still..

The layout changes are more complex as in SAP dashboard designer (Xcelsius).
a simple box can be drawn as background, but only using code in a text item. Here is some oppertunity for improvement.
Connecting to a BW system is extremely simple and has great options. You can use a query or an entire cube as DataSource. These DataSources can be changed in layout, or even filters can be applied. They can be copied to use the same data in different forms.

 Summery, it looks to be a great new tool that still needs some developments.




| Consume SAP BW data with Easy Query

Consume SAP BW data from any device using Easy Query

 by Gert van de Vreede


In the past using BW data from an external tool MDX was the way to go.

This offers great flexibility when analysing data.
Unfortunately this is quite complex to implement and when using simple reports on a mobile device where analyses is not really an option.

 Easy query positioning


As of the new BW 7.3 release SP 5 there is the option of making the query available for external consumption using SOAP. Only some configuration, without any coding, very simple setup, and easy to use.

Just a few simple steps to set this up:


First you set up the destination.

Using transaction SBGRFCCONF you create the connection QD_EQ_LOCAL


Next: create a query.

Note that when creating the query there is a limitation is that you cannot have characters in your columns
in the query definition, on the extended properties tab, tick the box “Easy Query”.

Then, go to the transaction EQMANAGER, here you will see your query.

Select it and use the option ‘Regenerate query’.

Use the Test  option and here is your query result using SOAP.

 An example on how to consume the SOAP data can be found here:


| SAP BO Mobile BI 5.0

by Kasper Groen

The new SAP BI Mobile app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) has been uploaded for approved and available in the Apple Store by the end of June. The Android version 'BI Mobile 5.0' is already available on Google Play, though don't be fooled: many features are not in the Android version, e.g. Explorer support and SAP Lumira support. 
Some features will require SAP BI 4.1 or the SP06 on SAP BI 4.0 (already available).  

One BI App, more connectivity
- Explorer: iIf you are running SAP BI 4.1, the app also contains the SAP BO Explorer functionality, for which you needed a separate App before. Ofcourse the Mobile services must have been deployed on the BO server.
- Lumira: You can also connect to SAP Lumira Cloud from the App.  

The Design has been changed. For the better.

Across the various report viewers, the design has been hormized. 

Web Intelligence
Various new chart types are now available, like waterfall, bubble and horizontal chart. This will make it much easier leveraging existing Webi reports using SAP BI Mobile 5.0. 
There are various more enhancements regarding lay-out, like custom axis scaling support, bullet chart enhancement, Geo Analysis enhancements (on iPhone available now), Open Document links (last instance parameter supported now), Show as PDF feature. 

Two new chart types are available (waterfall chart and bubble chart) and some charts are renamed. For some organization the new connectivity of QaaWS is very welcome, although you'll require SAP BI 4.1 platform.

Design Studio
Your Design Studio models can now be viewed on your iPhone as wel. It also now supports Open Document links and full screen mode. 

Enjoy the new App, available in the App store in about a week. 

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