| SAP BO Analysis Office 1.4 released GA

by Kasper Groen

Yesterday, May 31, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.4 was released GA. It has some small improvements and features added, see below for some highlights:

  • A start with integration of Design Studio: you can launch the Design Studio from the Excel ribbon.
  • You can launch the Query Designer. (SP03 on 7.3 is required)
  • Waterfall chart
  • Reset DataSource; the output structure is resetted to the structure as in the underlaying Bex Query. There is a tick box for 'Reset on Open'
  • Read Access mode for master data: 'Only values with posted data' or 'Values in Master Data'. You can also disable this function for the user.
  • Flatten a hierarchy but leave the hierarchy in tact for filter purposes
  • Limit the number of members the filter screen returns

| SAP Netweaver 7.4 GA

by Kasper Groen

Last week, SAP Netweaver 7.4 was released and made General Available.
It's mainly focused on the integration with SAP HANA and mobility. For more details and links to details, see the announcement

| SAP Lumira, fka Visual Intelligence

by Kasper Groen

Today SAP Visual Intelligence was renamed to SAP Lumira. Yet another name change.
See Timo Elliot's blog on this topic. 
See the announcement from SAP.

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