SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP06 released

by Kasper Groen

Yesterday, April 30th, the day The Kingdom of the Netherlands got their new King Willem Alexander, Support Pack 06 voor SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 was released in silence.

It will contain:
- All features from SP05 (mainly related to Mobile, Explorer and query striping on Bex for Web Intelligence)
- SAP Web Intelligence RESTful web service SDK. You can now manage several Web Intelligence report functions using a RESTful SDK.
- Many fixed from SP04, which were not in SP05 yet. Though, please mind that not all fixed from SP04 and SP05 are included yet, meaning fixes from 4.13 and 5.6 onwards are probably not included! See the Forward fit plan for more information. 
So if you do not need to upgrade for one of its new features, just don't and rather apply the fixes for SP04 or SP05 that are relevant for your landscape. If you're planning an upgrade, a full installer for SP06 is avaiable. 

SAP Business Objects 4.0 SP06 Release Notes (SMP logon).
Forward fit plan (SMP logon)

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