Consume SAP BW data with Easy Query

Consume SAP BW data from any device using ‘Easy Query’

 by Gert van de Vreede


In the past using BW data from an external tool MDX was the way to go.

This offers great flexibility when analysing data. Unfortunately this is quite complex to implement and when using simple reports on a mobile device where analyses is not really an option.

 Easy query positioning


As of the new BW 7.3 release SP 5 there is the option of making the query available for external consumption using SOAP. Only some configuration, without any coding, very simple setup, and easy to use.

Just a few simple steps to set this up:


First you set up the destination.

Using transaction SBGRFCCONF you create the connection QD_EQ_LOCAL


Next: create a query.

Note that when creating the query there is a limitation is that you cannot have characters in your columns in the query definition, on the extended properties tab, tick the box “Easy Query”.

Then, go to the transaction EQMANAGER, here you will see your query.

Select it and use the option ‘Regenerate query’.

Use the Test  option and here is your query result using SOAP.

 An example on how to consume the SOAP data can be found here:


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