SAP BW Long Texts

by Kasper Groen

Every SAP BW consultant can acknowlegde that SAP BW has one big limitation: the maximum length of a characteristic value is limited to 60 characters. Finally, SAP fixed it!

As of Release 7.4 SP02, up to 250 characters are possible. Texts can now contain upto 1333 characters. Awesome!

To achieve this, the domain RSCHAVL was changed from CHAR 60 to SSTRING 1333. As a result, data elements that use the domain RSCHAVL are "deep" types in an ABAP context. In this case, some of the ABAP language constructs are no longer possible (syntax errors) or they cause runtime errors in customer-specific programs. SAP Note 1823174 describes solution options for certain problem classes.

In addition, texts for characteristic values of up to 1,333 characters are possible as of Release 7.4 SP02. For this, the structure RSTXTSMXL was created which is a "deep" type in an ABAP context. In the internal method interfaces and function module interfaces that handle the text of characteristic values, the type RSTXTSML was replaced with RSTXTSMXL.

See more information in SAP NOTE 1823174.

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