by Gert Jan Oostrum

As of August 30th, 2013, SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 is general available!

SAP is moving towards one suite for all enterprise BI information. The new version includes features for all five areas of SAP BI Innovation. Key ingredients are powerful visualizations that empower end users with industry focused visualizations.

What’s New in BI 4.1?

I have made a list of a few items I observed and found interesting. Please review the full document to take note of all the new features and improvements.
1. BO Explorer 4.1 supports the UNV (UDT) universe.
2. Exploration views now available from BI workspaces.
3. Query Striping is available for relational sources not just OLAP.
4. Enhanced support for SAP data sources (Improved BW access, Direct access to HANA views)
5. Webi Enhancements (Merge/unmerge hierarchical dimension, custom color palettes, freeze headers)
6. Crystal Reports 2011 is now Crystal Reports 2013.
7. SAP Visual Intelligence is now SAP Lumaria.
8. Mobile versions of Dashboards 4.1 can be based on a QaaWS or BIWS connection.
9. The new System Configuration Wizard (SCW). This new tool allows you to easily size and split your adaptive processing servers. It also stops services that you won’t use.
10. Simplified parallel install for clustered environments.
11. The new features found in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP5 and SP6 are found in 4.1

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