Design Studio 1.5 - The Performance Release

by Kasper Groen

Hooray! Next week - or the week after - Design Studio 1.5 will be released.The focus of this release is performance, but some nice new features are added.

Some new features on performance:

  • Parallel processing (yes, finally! But only on the BI Platform still..)
  • Improved Browser Caching Strategy
  • Reduced HTTP Requests
  • Improved Start up time
  • Unmerge Variable and prompts possible

Some new general features:

  • Better ad-hoc analysis and end-user capabilities:
    • New out of the box template with many features
    • Various out of the box templates for data exploration and self-service
    • Easily select BW or HANA data source
    • Filtering capability: easily add new dimension filters
    • Change chart types
  • Geo maps; better supported, including Open Street Map
  • Crosstab enhancements
  • Multiple language support

See all new features in below links.

The Performance blog for DS 1.5 

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DS 1.5 New Features blog part 2 

New Adhoc Analysis Template

Road Map

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