SAP Business Warehouse

The unstoppable growth of data in an ever more complex world. Can your data warehouse keep pace with it?
Over the past 14 years, SAP BW has grown up and is now used worldwide as an enterprise data warehouse.

The rapid digitisation of our world is leading these systems to grow continually in volume. We often deal with organisations that didn’t foresee this growth in data, finding out that the architecture that surrounds it has been revised, for example due to multiple source systems or more complex solutions. With the right adjustments,
we can help SAP BW get all its power back.

Gaan>> can help get SAP BW back to the powerful data warehouse it’s intended to be. That means not just dealing with architecture issues and implementation, but also with administration and performance tuning. We perform upgrades on a daily basis.

Gaan>> can help you to implement a future-proof architecture in SAP BW, taking into account future developments such as SAP HANA and combinations with SAP BusinessObjects. Want to know more?
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